iPlast 4.0Smartcloud

IPlast 4.0 Smartcloud is an expert cloud platform that provides system solutions for future injection molding industry 4.0.

We bring together craftsmen and IT experts from all over the world to form a professional team with the ability and experience to promote injection molding industry 4.0, and help most enterprises realize the wisdom of homo sapiens through the global ecological cooperation system established with partners in various fields.

Business item

Training cloud platform for injection molding industry

  • ● Online - real-time collection and production big data, online communication
  • ● Offline - on-site early information collection, expert on-site consultation
  • ● Make use of cloud expert diagnosis model to let the enterprise know its improvement scenario and industry competitiveness
  • ● Using online auxiliary tools, close integration of actual production, accelerate the enterprise talent training, gathering speed
  • ● Using online improvement services, enterprises to achieve self-upgrading optimization

Offline consulting services

  • IPlast 4.0 SmartCloud provides closed-loop consulting and training service platform,
  • Facing up to the pain points of the manufacturing industry of smes,
  • Combined with global quality partner resources,
  • Customized transformation and upgrading programs for enterprises,
  • Help most enterprises to realize the wisdom of homo sapiens.


  • Train employees with enterprise data
  • Intelligent manufacturing requires homo sapiens to take the lead, from comprehensive and systematic scientific molding, intelligent maintenance, intelligent mold, lean production automation, to intelligent manufacturing to gradually build the future intelligent craftsman.

workers training plan

With actual industry, cultivate students in school.

Universities, enterprises, iPlast 4.0 SmartCloud three joint, with the actual industrial scene to do the exercise, the consulting company led students to learn and participate in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, with the actual results of the graduation design project, for the implementation of the industry training of injection molding workers.

Participating units

  • 1. Ningbo suipu electronics co LTD
  • 2. Ningbo institute of engineering (NBTU)
  • 3. homo sapiens manufacturing innovation®center

Project architecture

  • 1、6 fresh graduates
  • 2、Preliminary screening
  • 3、Training (6 months)
  • 4、Qualification test
  • 5、Selection and appointment